Here are 12 steps to map out your journey to quiting your "Day" job:

Side Hustle Secrets
Side Hustle Secrets
The right mindset
Take control
Your mind
Your “why”
The right goals
Inventory of your skills
Not all skills are equal
Money vs satisfaction
Strengths and weaknesses
Make good use of time
Map out hustle idea
Planning is key
Your edge
Validate side hustle idea
Increase chances of success
Analyze the competition
Get feedback from target audience
Do ‘soft’ launch
Implement marketing strategy
Let people know you’re open
Build confidence first
Effective marketing techniques
Realistic goals and timelines
Don’t overwork yourself
Limited time for side hustle
Goal setting
Goal timelines
Separating side hustle from job
Don’t cheat at your job
Manage time
Set boundaries
Create and follow schedule
Plan your day
Maximize time
Focus on one task
Reward yourself
Focus on what generates revenue
Find profitable system or ‘formula’
Focus on target audience
Generate and nurture leads
Customer service
Avoid side hustle burnout
Delegate or outsource
Stop comparing to others
Set reasonable deadlines
Take breaks
When to quit day job
More money at side hustle
Saved enough
Ready to scale side hustle
Missing out on opportunities
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