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CMF Lesson 1

The Customer Multiplier Formula Explained & Action Step 1 

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What is the Customer Multiplier Formula? (CMF)

The CMF multiplies your ideal clients both in number and spend.

The CMF Consists of Five Parts

  1. The Value Ladder. A one-page marketing plan to attract, educate, qualify and ascend customers
  2. Offer and Message Creation for Overcoming objections and false beliefs with the intent of a sale
  3. Funnel Building to capture leads to convert to customers
  4. Getting Traffic to Your Offers Both Organically and Paid
  5. Easy troubleshooting and adjusting for optimal results

The CMF is also your One Page Marketing Plan that gives you a view from 30,000’.

THE KEY – The Ideal Customer Profile

The Key to the CMF depends on how well you can identify your Avatars (Ideal Clients), find them and create the right message for the right time in prospect or customer journey.

You need to start by identifying your avatars (Ideal Customers i.e. Buyers) Identifying your “Ideal Clients is The MOST IMPORTANT PART!

There are basically three:

  • Premium Offer Buyer
  • Core Offer Buyer
  • Low Ticket Offer Buyer

Your Premium Offer Buyer is your top-dollar customer. They usually need direct access to you on a personal basis. (One on One) In order to close this sale, you’ll most likely need to change the buying environment from email or messaging to some sort of one to one contact, either by phone, video conference or in person.

The Core Offer Buyer This where the bulk of your profits are. You want to duplicate yourself here. Live online, one to many, recorded video lessons or both. You may need to change the environment to close here too. It will depend on the offer.

The Core Offer Buyer can become a Top Offer Buyer as you nurture them.

The Low Ticket Buyer may or may not ascend your value ladder but will buy from you things that will help you pay for advertising to attract the Core Offer and Premium Buyer. They are important! 

The common denominator for all three Avatars is: They are buyers.

Don’t worry about offers at this point, we’ll get there.


This should be easy for you as you already have ideal clients, you just want more of them. 

Don’t worry about offers at this point, we’ll get there.

Fill out the Avatar Worksheet