Shabbos Everyday Interview Format

The goal of the podcast is to help people create a closer relationship with G-d by connecting to the energy of Shabbos everyday. This will help people to live a better, happier and more meaningful life.

Who is this for?

  • Religious Jews who are looking for fun and insightful Torah's that will show the beauty of G-d's Ways.
  • Non Reigious Jews who will see how beutiful the ways of G-d are and be inspired to learn more. (Kiruv)
  • Non Jews who will see that Jews love ALL of G-d's creations Jews and non Jews alike and that the Jews are a blessing to the world.

Basic Format:

  • Tell a little about yourself
  • How do you bring Shabbos into your life everyday? - Choose a specific day and actions people can do right away
  • Your favorite Shabbos recipe (Give the recipe) 
  • Your favorite wine and adult beverage
  • Promote yourself if you have anything you want to promote

Gooood Sshhaabbooss!!